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BLOG Life of a Third Year Part 3 - The J Word

In the library/second home. Phone rings. Cancel call.

Repeat process indefinitely.

Missed call from mum.

Calling, no doubt, to inquire for the umpteenth time whether I've made an appointment with the careers service.

I still haven't done this.

I should definitely do this.

The door of the 2nd semester of my final year at university is closing, or rather slamming. The time has come for me to look for a job, in the hope that I can get my foot on the first slippery and treacherous rung of the career ladder.


I don't even know what I want to eat for my tea tonight (definitely not noodles), let alone what I want my career to be.

Is everyone else suffering this crisis? Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Do octopuses have ears?

**has panic-fuelled procrastination break, turns out octopuses don’t actually have ears, but have really excellent eyesight and they can also do cool stuff like open containers and squeeze through tiny gaps**


You need to do this.

Look on the uni careers website and FIND YOURSELF A JOB.

Ah, how handy, they've actually listed some job opportunities/applications! This doesn't seem too bad after all.


EASAAAAY. Sure, I can write great things about myself. After all, I am pretty great.

Remember that CV writing tutorial you had last year? No? No I don't recall that actually. Don’t freak out. Do what your mum told you and make a careers service appointment. She is always right, after all. **sigh**

I soon come to realise that making a list of all my transferable skills/work experience/general skills/voluntary work is really useful - I'm also trying to make notes of how exactly my experiences might help me be a hirable person, and how they relate to aspects of specific job roles, blablablaaa. You get the drift. Adult life is such a snooze…

The imminent arrival of proper real grown-up life (ugh, gross) has also made me appreciate the pure and unabashed beauty of the student lifestyle; weekday lie-ins, the gift of the student loan, and of course the guilt-free intoxication, which I'm wishing I bought into more often.

So if you're a student, make the most of it. Particularly if you're a first year, get drunk more. Seriously, you should drink like a goldfish. Your liver has powerful regenerative properties and will bounce straight back from that Sambuca diving holiday. Once the second semester of 3rd year hits, and indeed the 9-5 job, you can say goodbye to the late-night parties and 3pm lie-ins.

On a lighter note, my dry spell has actually increased my productivity, and I'm appreciating the simple things in life, like the colour of concrete, and the sound of car exhausts.


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