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Cambridge City Guide


A city rich in history, culture, creativity, and stunning architecture that you will can be a part of, along with your fellow 20,000 students. Small in size but big in opportunities, meadows and willowy rivers will greet you on arrival; but don’t be fooled in thinking that Cambridge offers only old buildings and academia - because there’s so much more than that.


The Fitzwilliam Museum, so called as Richard VII Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion left the university his works of art and library. So have a look at the ever-evolving paintings and archives, and learn about some other important Cambridge folk - plus it’s free.

Punting up the willowy ‘Backs’ is as quintessentially Cambridge as pasties are Cornish. There are a number of companies working on the river, some even offering Thai food on your boat. Have a look at this link for all of the options.

King’s College Chapel is a 15th century architectural masterpiece that took over a century to build. The stained glass windows and intricate late-Gothic carvings are something to be marvelled at. The Corpus Clock is enormous, gold plated and quite disturbing, but definitely worth seeing.

It’s all very well and good familiarising yourself with the history of Cambridge, but sometimes we want things a little more…living. Here are some great places you’ll be going back to again and again. The Arts Picturehouse is a home for film fanatics and casual cinema goers. They have free student screenings, Vintage Sundays, and Picturehouse Podcast, as well as world-class art productions on the big screen. The Junction is the ultimate venue for comedy, music, theatre and dance, spoken word, and workshops. Something of a Great Escape from the library. Similarly, The Shakespeare Festival is an outdoor summer highlight in this fine city, witty, wildly funny (maybe not in Titus Andronicus), and accessible - just in case you don’t know of old Will. The festival runs 10th July to 26th August.

The Fudge Kitchen is loved amongst locals and tourists for its generous free samples and the open traditional American fudge-making (move over Devon!).

Meet and Eat

Sticky Beaks - ‘A home away from home’, their delicious, homemade menu is exactly the way to treat yourself.

Fitzbillies - a part of Cambridge since 1921 their brunch and lunch service has had time to find perfection.

Arepa’s Station - Venezuelan cuisine on the Cambridge Market, versatile and very very tasty.

Neide's - Another stall on the market and the best Brazilian place going; the veggie feijoada and cheese balls come highly recommended.

Varsity Rooftop Hotel - BBQs in the summer and blankets in the colder months. Probably wait until your parents come to visit to try this one. The view however, 360 open air over the city, is priceless.

Noodles Plus - Dirt cheap and delicious.

Hot Numbers - ‘Coffee. Music. Conversation.’

Bedouin - A Moroccan feast of colour, flavour, and authentic setting.

The Gardenia - no more of those questionable kebabs post night-out, Gardis brings you midnight delights from fish and chips to feta burgers.

Daytime Playtime

Cambridge is full of green, leafy spaces to tempt you from your books and for enjoying fruitful respite when the sun comes out.

Midsummer Common - is home to the Midsummer Fair, which celebrated its 807th birthday in 2018. You’ll probably spend Bonfire Night there too. Jesus Green is just next door.

Parker’s Piece - a Mecca in the summer, legend has it that football posts were invented here, and that the distance between each tree marks the size of a regulation goal.

If you fancy something a little more active, Cambridge Bike Tours is a great way to explore the city until you can do it yourself.

How does one get about Cambridge? Walk, bike, or bus - but mostly the first two.


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