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Newcastle City Guide


Around 69,000 students, metropolis with a mega metro system, just 15 minutes from the coast, and famously low living costs.It almost seems a stereotype to state the friendliness of the Geordie lot, but they certainly live up to it. Why, oh why do the friendly reside here? Probably to enjoy some of the following:


How could we not mention the bridges spanning over the river Tyne, beautiful by day and spectacular by night.

At the Discovery Museum understand Newcastle’s history from the Romans to the early Millennium and its imperative role in the industrial and scientific advancements. The museum’s architecture itself is impressive, the iconic Co-operative building. Oh, and it’s free entry.

The Baltic - International centre for contemporary art made home in an industrial building standing solidly on the bank of river Tyne, with a solid reputation to match. Seriously impressive, with “cutting edge” temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Built in 1937 the Tynside Cinema is still going strong, showing new blockbusters as well as independent and international films - plus those that we’re all supposed to have watched and form our childhood and views of the world and bring up in conversation regularly (probably for good reason).

Meet and Eat

The Quillam Brothers’ Tea House - 60 types of loose leaf tea, a mouthwatering menu with student discount!

Kafeneon - Greek on the cheap, without going halves on flavour or portion size.

Pani’s Cafe - a hearty Italian, helpful prices, as authentic as it gets without being in Italy.

1901 - cosy, rustic, homemade and heart-filled.

Zapatista - a fat burrito for £5.50.

Quay Ingredient - “A small coffee house underneath a big bridge”. Toastie for two quid? Don’t mind if I do…

Grainger Market - Situated undercover on Grainger Street this market is open 52 weeks and houses stall form over 100 local businesses, including street food and bakeries!

Daytime Playtime

For something a bit different, and for a magical uni-family day out catch the X15/18 from Haymarket bus station and head up to Alnwick Castle (of Harry Potter Great Hall fame) and the accompanying Alnwick Gardens and water fountain park.

Ouseburn in Newcastle Gateshead once the home of the North East’s industrial revolution because of it’s position on the river, is the now quirky and eclectic home of creatives. There’s plenty to see and do; there’s the Ouseburn urban-farm, Seven Stories bookshop, and the Biscuit Factory, to name a few. Not to be missed is The Cluny - an independent paradise for up and coming musicians and those who want to find them. A great hub of culture with a banging kitchen to boot.

Jesmond is the trendy suburb of Newcastle, just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the city, this leafy haven is a hotspot for foodies, students and young professionals. The Jesmond Dene at its centre is famous for Eden like beauty and will be calling you for picnics come the summer months.

Getting around town is very easy. There’s a great bus service but the best way to get about (if not by foot or bike) is the extensive metro link - move over London Underground.


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