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Sheffield City Guide


It’s nickname, “The Steel City” harks back to its prominence in the steel industry in the 1900s - which doesn’t sounds hugely appealing. Now the city is a modern hub of green spaces and interesting architecture, concentrated with cultural creativity. Built upwards on a hill to the back drop of the peak district, this city’s two universities are home to around 62,000 students.


From its history, we may be inclined to think of Sheffield as a little…grey. We’d be wrong to do so. There are flickers of colour about the city, not least from their internationally renowned street art. There’s a Sheffield street art walk around the city centre that you can follow; it’s a great way to begin, though it only touches the surface. For a mix of art history and modern, get to the Millennium Gallery, Graves Gallery, or for the story of Sheffield up to today, Weston Park.

When you want to escape the present and all the stresses that inhabit it, look to the past in the Antiques Quarter. Brimming with independent stores, tea shops, and eclectic emporiums, it’s the perfect escape within the city.

Whether your music tastes is indie, pop, classic, electric, or all of it, Sheffield has you sorted. Have a look here at the venue list.

And did you know? Sheffield has the largest complex of theatres outside of London.

Meet and Eat

Marmaduke’s - “It’s all about delicious food & coffee”.

The Grind Cafe - Famous for their sausages rolls and locally roasted coffee beans.

Steam Yard Coffee Co - It’s like they took our food dreams and made them a reality.

Made By Jonty - Situated on Sharrowvale Road or the “foodie mile”, this place offers all the things a foodie dreams of (including great veggie and vegan options).

Wellies - Homemade and made with heart.

Interval - in Sheffield university’s student union - cafe by day, DJs and music events come the evening.

Cafe Pie - it’s pretty self explanatory. Churns out as many smiles of satisfaction and they do pies.

The Fusion Cafe - In an old cutlery factory, this place offers Artisan breads bakes and pastries, employing those with learning disabilities and difficulties.

Lokanta - Colourful and full of flavour Turkish cuisine.

Daytime Playtime

Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale is another gem at the heart of the metropolitan hub. The areas include Endcliffe Park, opened over 130 years ago, it is a haven of parkland and woodland with a bubbling brook running through it. Sharrow Vale is the core district for cafes and eateries, hosting a market of local produce to boot.

Sheffield boasts a number of markets for you to peruse. Food, fresh produce, arts and crafts, and everyday bargains, take a look here for the full list.

Should you wish to transport yourself to the world of Pride and Prejudice, take off to Chatsworth House - probably don’t re-enact the lake scene. The 218 bus service from Sheffield runs daily. If that doesn’t provide the kind of escapism you’re looking for, worry not. Just 8 miles from the city centre sits Bradfield, a charming village that is also the gateway to the Peak District where you can make like Maria ( queue title song from The Sound of Music) and go to the rolling hills followed by a hearty pub tea (dinner/supper for the Southerners) at the local.

Getting about Sheffield is easy via the Supertram and bus systems - you can also walk and bike.


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