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Standard Life

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About this Company

About the group

We're a long-term investment savings business. We endeavour to help people achieve more, live better and have confidence in their own futures.

We specialise in asset management and long-term savings. We want to lead the way in helping people save and invest for their future, by offering the types of products and services that they need throughout their lives.

Our Group employs around 6,500 people internationally. Standard Life plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange with around 1.2 million individual shareholders across over 50 countries. And we're one of the top 500 companies worldwide, by revenue, as listed in the 2015 Fortune Global 500.

What we do

At the core of our business is managing our customers' savings. We're responsible for the administration of £302 billion in assets.

We offer a range of products and services, through our Standard Life, Standard Life Investments, Standard Life Wealth and joint venture brands, to help people save for their future.

The Group operates in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We support around 4.5 million customers worldwide, and a further 20 million through our joint ventures in China and India.

How we do it

Helping to build a more prosperous world is at the core of our business. How we do this is by helping to advance ambition, leading industry innovation and improvement, and contributing to society's progress. We listen and respond to our customers and clients, continually examining, evaluating and where possible anticipating their needs.

We lead by example and set benchmarks for our industry by holding ourselves and our business partners to the highest standards. Through continually pursuing industry innovation we will drive improvement, for the benefit of all.

We strive to make a positive impact on our society by creating opportunities, providing support and offering our expertise for the benefit of both individuals and the diverse communities we touch across the world.

It's this responsibility that drives us to be a sustainable business. We're proud to be listed as leaders in sustainability in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI World and DJSI Europe).

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