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Profile of Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

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About this Company


Rolls-Royce accounts for 1 in every 250 jobs in the UK

We’ve been at the forefront of engineering in the UK for over 100 years. It’s where the company started, and where it’s headquartered. Employees in the UK work across many areas of our business, and we directly employ about 22,300 people in 30 sites from Scotland to the South West of the UK.

A large proportion of our research investment is spent in the UK, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technology. We’ve invested in 19 University Technology Centres at 14 UK universities and we work closely with the network of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres to stay at the forefront of production techniques.
Our state-of-the-art Apprentice Academy in Derby trains hundreds of apprentices each year, many of whom will join the company or go on to work in our supply chain. At any one time we have more than 600 apprentices and a further 750 graduates on our UK Graduate programmes.


We have one of the most famous names and admired brands in the world. Everyone who works for us has a responsibility to protect that heritage and to strengthen our reputation, by being ‘trusted to deliver excellence’.

Trust is at the heart of our business. Our people are trusted to do outstanding work for our customers; trusted to be inspired and inspiring; trusted to create a future based on innovation. Trusted to deliver excellence in everything they do.
Join us and you’ll be proud to be part of an organisation that invests hundreds of millions of pounds every year in people, technology and innovation: a company that encourages and fulfils ambitions, puts its global growth plans in your hands and rewards you accordingly.


A sustainable business manages its impact on the world – not just on the environment, but on communities, societies and economies. As a global business, we also know we must lead and respond on big global issues.

It’s also about future-proofing our business. Acting sustainably helps improve our reputation, generate revenue and reduce costs and risk. There’s no trade-off between sustainability and profitability, in fact they support each other.
60 percent of our cost base is energy, materials and procured goods. Aiming for challenging targets to reduce what we consume means we can continue to grow. Meeting those targets means empowering and challenging our people to create better, challenge convention and do more with less.

Of the around £1.3 billion we spend annually on research and development, two-thirds goes towards reducing the environmental impact of our products and services. The results of this are seen everywhere, from the Trent XWB, the world’s most efficient aero engine, to our Bergen B35 marine engine which runs on liquefied natural gas.
We’ve also made big gains in reducing our use of resources, implementing our Revert programme to recover, recycle and reuse waste materials from manufacturing operations. It’s because of measures like this that the Dow Jones Sustainability Index announced that Rolls-Royce is the industry leader in sustainability for the aerospace and defence sector.

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