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The University of York

The University of York

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Latest reviews

The business degree I did was alright, feedback on work could have been improved a lot, the course was interesting and l learn't lots of useful facts which I hope will help in the real world! A lot to cover over the three years and the organisation and timetabling of the course could have been better. Campus Advisor

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Ratings Submitted Charlie W

My course is pretty good, there’s lots of support from lecturers. The societies and nightlife at this uni are just amazing. It’s such a social place I really like that about it. The city is really nice. -Anonymous -

It’s been an amazing experience so far!! You won’t regret coming here. I don’t really like all the roundabouts around the city but if you overlook those this place is fab to live in. Uni has made me a lot more independent and I love having responsibility for my own affairs. It beats living at home :) -Anonymous -

Ratings submitted Bethany N

Staff at Aldi are so helpful and they run a great placement scheme to help students. They have quite a large student intake and there is always someone around to help if you get stuck. I learnt lots whilst doing this placement. Rebecca G

The University is such a great place! Very vibrant and lots to do. I am loving my course and would highly recommend it. Claire W

Nice university - looks very pretty. Michael Harrison

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University of York

YO10 5DD

About this University

Study at York

Study at York and you'll graduate with more than a qualification.

You'll be immersed in knowledge and opportunities that will encourage you to grow and succeed. You’ll grapple with big ideas and be encouraged to think differently by academics whose research is changing the world.

A York degree is recognised and respected all over the world.

As a student here you’ll be challenged and stretched in a supportive environment through a variety of opportunities inside and outside the lecture theatre. From leadership to volunteering we’ll expand your horizons and help you develop your skills to land your dream job.

Life at York

University life is about much more than the lecture theatre. Through societies, sports clubs and college life, you'll get to harness your passions, try something new and you'll gain a wealth of experience that will impress future employers.

Choose from over 250 undergraduate courses in a wide range of subjects including arts and humanities, sciences and social sciences.

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